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Parallel Power is a Breakthrough in Standby Power You Have to See

A standby generator means any power outage only lasts the few seconds it takes for your generator to automatically spin up—less than a minute. But, until now, getting whole-house coverage easily meant installing a larger liquid-cooled generator which requires about five-feet of clearance all around it. That is, until now. Because, parallel power allows more power in less space.

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Kohler Expands Standby Generator Lineup with Smaller-Sized Units

Kohler Generators is rolling out a complete new line of standby generators designed for homeowners with fewer power requirements, and who are looking for the performance and reliability of a KOHLER unit at an entry-level price point. The expanded line focuses on lower kW-output models 8 kW, 10 kW and 12 kW making standby power available to more consumers with smaller budgets.

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Maintenance of a Generator Set System Batteries

Maintenance of a generator set’s starter battery is critical to ensuring sufficient ampere capacity to start the engine. As a precaution generator users routinely change out the batteries every 2 years.

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Tier 4f SCR plus EGR

Scania demonstrates its new Tier 4F SCR plus EGR technology.

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Did You Know?

Stored diesel fuel is susceptible to many forms of contamination. If left untreated, fuel will substantially degrade. Maintaining and testing a generator’s diesel fuel storage is crucial, especially on standby generator systems where the fuel may remain unused for long periods.

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