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The Importance of Maintaining an Automatic Transfer Switch

It is important to regularly test equipment that is in the stationary mode waiting to start when required. Ambient conditions can contaminate or damage equipment while stationary and result in failure to operate when required.

An automatic transfer switch (ATS) needs to be regularly inspected to ensure it is being maintained fully operational.

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Chevron Defies California on Carbon Emissions

Bloomberg recently reported that Chevron Corporation is leading a lobbying and public relations campaign to undercut the California mandate to produce fuels from plants and algae aimed at curbing global warming (AB32), two years after the state started phasing it in. Research on commercially viable climate-friendly products has come to naught, stymied by the poor economics of coaxing hydrocarbons from plant's stubborn cell walls, according to Chevron officials.

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Ensure that your Generator System is Ready for Hurricane Season

June 1st is the start of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season that will end on November 30. If pre-season forecasts and predictions are correct it could be an above-average hurricane season. A tailored preventive maintenance program to meet your needs will greatly reduce the chance of your system failing when it has to perform.

Loftin Equipment offers you service support that is available for routine maintenance schedules and emergencies. At Loftin Equipment, our people are the best in the business.

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Register for Loftin Equipment Co.'s Technical Data to Access a Library of Information

Register today for Loftin Equipment Co.'s technical data base to access an extensive selection of specification sheets and drawings in Adobe Acrobat format.

You can download specification sheets, dimensional drawings, wiring diagrams, and schematic drawings.

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Considering Instantaneous Voltage Dip Versus Sustained Voltage Dip

This information sheet discusses the effects voltage dip can have on an electrical system and considerations that should to be taken when designing and specifying an electrical system with motor loads.

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Did You Know?

U.S. electric customers are now paying 43 percent more to build and maintain local power grids than they did back in 2002. At the same time, the grid is also becoming less reliable, with blackouts now taking 20 percent longer to fix.

Kubota Engines Launches New Website

Kubota Engine America is pleased to announce that it has launched its new website

Congratulations to Our 2013 College Basketball Bracket Winners!

Loftin Equipment Co. would like to thank all of our customers who participated in our 2013 College Basketball Bracket.

1st place will receive a $200 Home Depot gift card, 2nd and 3rd place a $50 Home Depot gift card, and 4th and 5th place $25 gift cards

Congratulations to the following winners:

1st - Pascual Garcia
2nd - Greg Byars
3rd - Bob Barrett
4th - Thomas Paradowski
5th - Mike Caple

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