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The History of Kohler. Did You Know...

1920. Kohler Co. enters the Power Systems business with the introduction of the Kohler Automatic Power & Light, the world's first engine-power electric generator.

Learn more about the history of the Kohler Co. and the milestones it has achieved throughout the decades.

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Ensure that your Generator System is Ready for Hurricane Season

During the middle of a power outage is not the time to discover your system has problems. A tailored preventive maintenance program to meet your needs will greatly reduce the chance of your system failing when it has to perform.

Loftin Equipment offers you service support that is available for routine maintenance schedules and emergencies. At Loftin Equipment, our people are the best in the business.

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Loftin Equipment Co. is Pleased to Announce its Ownership Interest with North American Site Services (NASS)

NASS is a premier power solutions provider to organizations with a nationwide power network.

NASS delivers to network facilities managers’ one stop, one company, seamless 24/7/365 support and service for their network of power systems including, HVAC service, environmental permitting, rental generators, remote monitoring and fueling needs.

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Information Sheet #6

Diesel Generator Set General Preventive Maintenance Programs:
The diesel engine generator is the most commonly used prime mover in standby power generators. This information sheet details the routine preventative maintenance to ensure high reliability.

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Register for Loftin Equipment Co.'s Technical Data to Access a Library of Information!

Register today for Loftin Equipment Co.'s technical data base to access an extensive selection of specification sheets and drawings in Adobe Acrobat format.

You can download specification sheets, dimensional drawings, wiring diagrams, and schematic drawings.

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