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Loftin University 2015 Training Schedule

Loftin University is pleased to announce its 2015 Training Schedule. We will be offering 2 new classes this year: Scania T4F Advanced Troubleshooting and Generator 202.

Loftin University is a 1st class learning center where technicians of all skill levels can learn about the Kohler Power Systems products. We teach in both a classroom and a practical lab, with a broad cross section of equipment that fully encompasses the technology seen in the field and offered by KOHLER.

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New Autodesk® Seek For KOHLER® Models‚ Tech Drawings and More

Autodesk® Seek provides BIM solutions that help
you specify KOHLER power systems with less work
and more accuracy. Easily download:

  • Generator set drawings‚ details and technical specs
  • BIM models
  • Accessory drawings and details
  • File formats in DWFX‚ RVT‚ PDF and RFA
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Make Sure Your Generator System is Prepared When You Need It

Whatever the industry, the key to having back-up power available and operating reliably during outages, is a planned maintenance program. While most standby generators incorporate an automatic set exerciser to start and run the generators for 30-minutes, such as once a week, only a planned maintenance program undertaken regularly will ensure reliability of the complete system.

Contact Loftin Equipment Co. to hear more about our planned maintenance programs.

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Recommended Lubrication Oils for Diesel Generator Set Systems

This Information Sheet discusses the recommended lubrication oils for diesels used in generator set systems and why it is important to use the correct oil as specified by the engine manufacturer with the introduction of new emission technology.

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Did You Know?

Maintenance of a generator set’s starter battery is critical to ensuring sufficient ampere capacity to start the engine. As a precaution generator users routinely change out the batteries every 2 years.

Nationwide Service Capabilities

Visit NASS at: for all of your power systems service and rental needs throughout North America.

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