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Loftin Equipment Co. Awarded 2015 Residential - Light Commercial Distributor of the Year Award

Loftin Equipment Co. has been awarded the Kohler “Residential - Light Commercial Distributor of the Year” award for 2015!

This award is given to the distributor that not only exceeds Kohler’s order goals, but also exemplifies and exceeds the other critical measurements that lead to success and market share increases. These include: using co-op creatively and to its full extent, offering continuous dealer training (parts, warranty, and service) through Loftin University's state of the art training facility, offering technical support, having dedicated and knowledgeable staff, having leadership support of the segment, utilizing social media, following up on leads, and overall commitment to Kohler Power Systems’ strategy.

We also thank our Kohler Dealer Network as they have promoted the Kohler line, become trained on Kohler units and taken care of many happy Kohler Generator customers. This is truly a team win as our Kohler Dealer network touches every area of our business and we are thankful to have such great partners supporting the Kohler product. We are excited to share that your efforts were recognized and that all your hard work has gone noticed.

Happy Independence Day from Loftin Equipment Co.

Loftin Equipment Co. would like to wish you and your family a happy and safe Independence Day. As we celebrate our liberty and freedoms, we remember and support those who protect them. Thank you to the brave men and women that serve our country.

Is Your Rental Business Prepared for a Disaster

Blizzards, tornadoes, and hurricanes all spell disaster as do myriad other events. Try as you might, dealing with them can be overwhelming. Communication and travel are likely interrupted and when customers finally contact you, there’s only one thing on their mind, “can you help me get up and running.” This help usually comes in the form of generators, small ones for homeowners who need to keep their lights on and freezers operating and larger ones for offices and retail operations where power demands are much greater.

Loftin Equipment Company’s generator fleet includes 43 units that range in size from 20kw to 1 meg. Its most popular is the 200kw generator that has a 60- to 70-percent utilization rate. Next are the 350 to 400kw units at 60-percent utilization rate, followed by our 100kw generators that come in at 30 percent. During a disaster not all of these units will be in-house nor will the company likely have the precise size that a customer would need.

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Documenting the Sequence of Operation for Paralleling Switchgear

Because no two power systems are the same, the sequence of operation for paralleling switchgear should be custom designed to meet project requirements. Kohler Power Systems takes an intuitive, chart-based approach to documenting how a system responds to normal operations and system failures.

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Diesel Generator Set Fuel System Planned Maintenance

Fuel system maintenance is critical to the reliable performance of a diesel generator system. Regular maintenance assures system reliability and lowers long-term operating costs.

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Refer a Friend and Get a $100 Rebate

Earn a $100 rebate when you refer a friend to buy a KOHLER® generator from 8 to 150 kW. Offer expires December 31, 2016.

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Did You Know?

The single most frequent service call for generator failure is related to battery failure. Eighty percent of all battery failure is related to sulfation buildup — the accumulation of lead sulfates on the plates of lead-acid batteries. This buildup occurs when the sulfur molecules in the electrolyte (battery acid) become so deeply discharged that they begin to coat the battery's lead plates.

Kohler Power Solutions Center

Kohler has developed the Power Solutions Center (PSC). The PSC has been developed with your input and your request for an improved sizing and specification tool. We have also incorporated additional tools to make the job of sizing and specifying a power system easier.

The PSC is Kohler’s user-friendly spec and sizing program. An innovation so advanced, it will change the way power systems are specified.

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Nationwide Service Capabilities

Visit NASS at: for all of your power systems service and rental needs throughout North America.

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