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Kohler Develops Range of Power Units Based on 1.9 to 3.4L KDI Diesel Engines

Kohler Engines, a Kohler Power Group company, has developed a new line of power units based on its 1.9, 2.5 and 3.4 L Kohler Direct Injection (KDI) diesel engines. The power unit packages will be available in mechanically controlled 50 and 60 Hz generator set configurations as well as electronically controlled variable speed specifications suitable for machine drives and mobile applications.

Standard components and accessories of the power units include:

  • Radiators and radiator mounting brackets
  • Cooling fans and protective grills
  • Engine brackets
  • Air and fuel filters
  • Electric fuel pumps
  • Mounted exhaust systems

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Generator Ratings and the Implications for Data Centers

Understanding how generator ratings are determined is simple, but there is a long list of variables to consider. We’ll review the basic fundamentals of generator ratings. But first we’ll look at a recent industry discussion about specific ratings for generators in data centers and examine what’s necessary for these facilities.

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Generators Fuel System

Many generator systems use diesel engines as the prime mover. Stored diesel fuel is susceptible to many forms of contamination and if left untreated over time it will degrade substantially. It is crucial to maintain and test stored diesel fuel frequently, especially on standby generator systems that are idle for long periods with little use.

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Predicting Generator Failure Issues by Remote Monitoring

This Information Sheet discusses the latest remote monitoring technology for predicting generator systems issues.

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Refer a Friend and Get a $100 Rebate

Earn a $100 rebate when you refer a friend to buy a KOHLER® generator from 8 to 150 kW.

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Did You Know?

According to the US Department of Energy, when a power failure disrupts IT systems, 33 percent of companies lose $20,000–$500,000.

Kohler Power Solutions Center

Kohler is pleased to announce the release of the new Power Solutions Center (PSC). The PSC has been developed with your input and your request for an improved sizing and specification tool. We have also incorporated additional tools to make the job of sizing and specifying a power system easier.

The PSC is Kohler’s all-new, user-friendly spec and sizing program. An innovation so advanced, it will change the way power systems are specified.

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Nationwide Service Capabilities

Visit NASS at: for all of your power systems service and rental needs throughout North America.

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