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Loftin Equipment Co. Introduces FleetMatics Into All It's Service Trucks

Loftin Equipment Co.'s new FleetMatics GPS tracking system allows us to view the location of our fleet vehicles in real-time, 24 hours a day.

What this means for our customers is a reduction in their fuel bill and our ability to eliminate extended journeys. Through FleetMatics, Loftin Equipment Co. is also reducing its carbon footprint and improving upon green initiatives while saving our customers money on fuel.

We're Hiring! Loftin Equipment is Looking for Experienced Generator Technicians

If you're one of those talented and dedicated types looking for an employer who provides challenging work and a chance to build a career, we have the work environment you have been looking for.

Loftin Equipment Co. is looking for experienced generator technicians for West Texas (Lubbock), Southern Arizona (Tuscon), and New Mexico (Albuquerque).

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Register for Loftin Equipment Co.'s Technical Data to Access a Library of Information

Register today for Loftin Equipment Co.'s technical data base to access an extensive selection of specification sheets and drawings in Adobe Acrobat format.

You can download specification sheets, dimensional drawings, wiring diagrams, and schematic drawings.

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Information Sheet #9

NFPA 110 Pertaining to Generator Set Systems Level 1 and 2:
This info sheet outlines the differences between NFPA levels 1 and 2 and the topics it addresses.

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Loftin University Releases 2012 Second Half Training Schedule

Loftin University is a 1st class learning center where technicians of all skill levels can learn about the Kohler Power Systems products. We teach in both a classroom and a practical lab, with a broad cross section of equipment that fully encompasses the technology seen in the field and offered by KOHLER.

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